Soil Lab Test
Aeration Only
Lime Treatment
Certified Tall Fescue Seed
Extra Fertilizer

Aeration Packages:

Packages are put together to include Aeration, Seed and Fertilizer for the lot size selected.  The amount of seed included is measured based on a healthy lawn with no dead spots.    If you have thin and dead spots, you should add additional seed  to your package.  If you have questions please feel free to email or call us directly.  


These options are if you need lime, Extra Seed, extra Fertilizer, or would like a lab test on your soil for you lawn or garden.

*You may need extra seed if your lawn has dead spots, is thin, or needs repair.

Aeration, Seed, & Fertilizer

Early Bird Special:

Purchase a package deal before Sept 1, 2016 and receive a free Lime treatment  *$40 Value*

Fall is just around the corner.  

The summer heat has put a beating on our lawns and Fall is approaching fast.  Purchase your Aeration package to get on the schedule early and get your lawn back to the way it should look.

Aeration Only:

These options are just for aeration for the lot size selected.  Each lot size accounts for an average home, beds, and driveway for the corresponding lot.